lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Cortina Abierta’s Boogie Nights

Recibimos a Carla Harms de JUANELE

When the lights go down at other galleries, it means the doors are closing. But when the lights go down at Cortina Abierta, the party is just getting started.

Juanele was there Saturday night for the opening of Óscar Mora‘s show Españas en su Contexto, an extension of his show Españas at Centro Cultural Recoleta. While leaving the bathroom, where a group of us were admiring Matías Danna‘s shower curtain piece depicting a romantic scene between Susana Giménez and her famous ex-lover and now deceased boxer Carlos Monzón, I saw home/gallery owner Alejandro Iannizzotto swapping the regular lamp bulbs for purple ones.

In the dining room-turned-dance-floor, I danced with Mora and other artists, like the ever-colorful Maria Retamar and Cortina Abierta founder Natalia Saenz Valiente. The music got turned down only a couple of times to hold a drawing for a work in the show. Photographer Amelia Herrero squealed with delight when her number was called.

When I left, the party was still going strong, and from what I could tell, as is always the case at this hybrid gallery/home space, the good times rolled.

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